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Let your employees choose your corporate giving?

Lots of businesses have recognised how important it is to get their staff involved in company charitable initiatives. Involving staff in choosing a charity of the year is probably the commonest example.

But Tito's Handmade Vodka in Austin, Texas have taken this great idea a whole lot further.

At Tito's each employee receives a "pot of gold" that they can send to one or more charities of their choice.

This means that the company is more effectively addressing the needs in its own community - because the employees live there every day and see them. The company encourages staff to post on social media about the causes they have chosen to give their pots of gold to; and this creates really good awareness for the charities and positive PR and engagement for the company. 

Lots of research suggests that younger workers are particularly concerned to work in businesses that make a positive impact on the world and align with their values. This initiative from Tito's is a great way to show that, and so improve recruitment and retention of great staff.

If you'd like to consider this, or other innovative ways of changing your giving to have more impact for good causes, your people and your company get in touch with Think Philanthropy.

We will help you design great giving for your business.

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