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For Companies

Lots of companies have incredibly generous budgets for charitable gifts and also help causes in a variety of other ways (such as encouraging staff volunteering on company time).


But do you ever wonder if you're really getting the most out of your giving?

Are the causes you are giving to being effective with the funds?

Is your business getting the publicity it needs from your charitable activity?

Can you use your giving better to help recruit, retain and motivate your staff team?


Think Philanthropy works with companies to help you get the best out of your giving including:

  • Making sure the causes you give to align with your company vision and values

  • Maximising the PR impact of your charity partnerships

  • Getting full engagement from staff in your charity work, leading to improved staff satisfaction

  • Managing your relationships with charity partners.


Successful company philanthropy can improve productivity, sales, customer and staff retention AND make the world a better place to live. Let us show you how.

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